Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Season 1, Episode 2 - 'THE SHADOW/GREEN HORNET: Dark Nights'


"I've never told anyone this... but you were my biggest inspiration!"

(Batman #253: 'Who Knows What Evil Lurks', 1973)
Denny O'Neil/Dick Giordano

From the mists of mystery re-emerges The Shadowcast!
In our continuing exploration of The Birth of a Dark Legend, we discuss two other prominent firsts: The Shadow's first-ever crossover with THE GREEN HORNET in DARK KNIGHTS (2013) 

Artwork by Keith Burns

...and a detailed review of The Shadow's first encounter with BATMAN in BATMAN #253! 

Artwork by Dick Giordano

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  1. I have not yet indulged myself in The Shadow, except for your fantastic re-creation of the radio show, but I am more interested now, thanks to The Shadowcast. Will you put another episode out?