Friday, April 30, 2021



"Nick Savoli," said the sinister voice, "you have led a life of crime. While you were one of
many, you were ordinary. Now you believe yourself supreme. You are wrong. 
You are dangerous—that is all. 
You are mistaken when you believe that you are supreme."

"Is this a warning?" asked Savoli, with a grim smile. "Or is it a threat?"
"It is a judgment," said The Shadow sternly. 

-Gangdom's Doom, 1931

Artwork by Tom Lovell

The Shadow turns 90 years old! 
The Shadowcast commemorates the event with dueling automatics ablaze! Twin crime tales set in
Chicago's Gangland!

First, it's the formative 1931 masterpiece, where The Shadow outwits an obvious stand-in for Al Capone and the Chicago Mob, 'GANGDOM'S DOOM'!

Artwork by Jerome Rozen

Then, The Shadow returns 4 years later, in comic book form, to deal with the fallout of Al Capone's fall in DC Comics' 'THE SHADOW STRIKES: GANGLAND DOOMED!'

Artwork by Eduardo Barreto


Friday, February 26, 2021

Season 2, Episode 3 - THE RED MENACE and MIDNIGHT IN MOSCOW!

"The Seventh Star," said Zuvor, looking intently at Cranston, 
" an order of the old regime. It belongs to the years before the revolution. 
But you are so young—"

"My age," replied Cranton, with a slight smile, "is deceiving. 
Like you, I have memories of Russia—as it was."

-"The Red Menace" (1932)

Art by Jerome Rozen

The Shadow battles The Bolsheviks in two-fisted adventures from The Shadowcast!
First, The Shadow and his faithful agents battle their Communist counterparts
in the Pulp classic that rounded out Walter Gibson's inaugural quadrilogy: 

Art by Tom Lovell

Then, Lamont and Margo must foil the schemes of a communist sleeper cell bent on 
triggering a nuclear war between The United States and the U.S.S.R. in Howard Chaykin's 2014 Dynamite graphic novel, "MIDNIGHT IN MOSCOW!"

Art by Howard Chaykin

Until our next adventure, fellow agents!

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Saturday, December 26, 2020

Season 2, Episode 2 - THE SHADOW LAUGHS!


"Some people call me The Shadow. That is but one identity. I have other personalities that I assume, as easily as I don my black cloak and hat. One of my personalities is that of Lamont Cranston.
In the past, I have used it while you were away. At present, I choose to use it now.
It would be embarrassing for both of us to be here. 
So you must go."

-The Shadow Laughs!
(October, 1931) 

Artwork by George Wert

The inaugural Shadow trilogy concludes with climactic chapter "The Shadow Laughs!"
in December's edition of The Shadowcast! A dark, mysterious work in which 
The Shadow's signature twin .45 automatics make their debut, and Lamont Cranston...
...meets "Lamont Cranston"! A true classic you'll need to hear to believe. 

Artwork by Francesco Francavilla

We conclude with a bit of disquieting news about Condé Nast's incoming Shadow relaunch,
and wash the bitter taste out of our mouths with one of the greatest Mystery Horror masterpieces
ever aired, 1940's "The Laughing Corpse", featuring a series of serial murders where people
laugh themselves to death and die with a morbid grin. (you're welcome, Joker!)

"Love That Joker!"

See you in 2021, fellow agents!

Thursday, November 26, 2020

Season 2, Episode 1: THE EYES OF THE SHADOW


"As sleep came upon him, Bruce Duncan's mind was filled with confused thoughts of his adventure. But one dominating impression filled his mind. The identity of his rescuer came with startling suddenness. 

He had been drawn from his tomb by The Shadow!"

-The Eyes of The Shadow
Walter B. Gibson (1931)

Agents of the Shadowcast, Report!

Artwork by John A. Coughlin

The Shadowcast has returned for Season 2: The Pulp Avenger
Beginning with a brikef summary of the first Shadow pulp, "The Living Shadow" (already covered in episode 1 here) before a full review of the sophomore novelette, "The Eyes of The Shadow"!

Then, we pay tribute to the recently-departed fellow magician and confidant of Shadow creator, Walter B. Gibson, the Amazing James Randi (R.I.P.)

Art by Phil Hester

Finally, The Shadowcast reviews the 2014 one-shot comic story, "The Death Factory", by Phil Hester and Ivan Rodriguez.


Buy "The Eyes of The Shadow" here!

Monday, October 26, 2020

The Shadowcast - Season 2: "The Pulp Avenger!"

 "The speaker rose and raised the lantern, hooking it to a wire that was suspended from the low ceiling. The range of the light increased. Under its glow the shadows of the three men became grotesque. They were long, sinister shadows. The profile of the ape-faced man was plainly visible upon the floor. Beyond those dark, moving silhouettes, a black blot projected from the corner of the room.  
It, too, seemed like a human shadow, except that it was motionless."

-"The Eyes of The Shadow"

(Walter B. Gibson)

Artwork by Jim Steranko

The Shadowcast will soon return from our post-season break with an all new season! The theme of Season 2 will be "The PULP Avenger!" A comprehensive review and retrospective of the first several Shadow pulps, beginning with "The Eyes of The Shadow" and concluding with pulp classic "Gangdom's Doom!"

Artwork by Graves Gladney

Hopefully, this season should serve as the ideal introduction to The Shadow pulps for new readers. Not to worry, for the rest of you less inclined to read The Shadow's prosaic exploits, we will also be covering various comics and radio shows in the very same episodes. So there's something for everyone!

You won't want to miss it, agents. So keep an eye on this space, and your subscription boxes!

Friday, July 3, 2020

Season 1 FINALE - 'THE SHADOW: YEAR ONE' (R.I.P. Denny O'Neil)

"Only death can absolve your many sins, 'Snow Tiger'!
And I am the vessel of your deliverance!"

-The Shadow
(The Shadow: Year One, 2013)

Artwork by Chris Samnee

The Shadowcast ends its exploration of The Birth of a Dark Legend with 
the first proper 'origin' comic ever published: Matt Wagner's 'The Shadow: Year One'!

And we pay tribute to the late Denny O'Neil, whose influence on the modern
mythos of The Shadow cannot be overstated!

It's been a BIG first season, and I couldn't have done it without your growing support.
Until next time, fellow agents: We'll see you all in Season 2!